Development of customized materials and solutions

Development of customized materials and solutions

We are able to provide customized materials and systems to solve particular problems or meet specific needs.

Selection of materials and compatibility tests

Our laboratory develops, evaluates and catalogues hundreds of materials in order to always be able to offer innovative and performing solutions.

Our knowledge of the material allows us to overcome the limits of standard products to offer customized solutions with a high technological capacity.

  • materiali argilla Terracruda
  • materiali canapa argilla Terracruda
  • materiali argilla Terracruda
  • materiali sughero Terracruda

Choosing the materials

Choosing materials is essential for laying the groundwork for the intervention, whether it is a new construction or the restauration of an existing building.

For material and construction choices we provide our sampling service, which is capable of simulating the technical aspects of construction and has undeniable advantages for the operating phase.

The preparation of preliminary samples represents an additional tool at the company and the professional’s disposal, who are thus able to evaluate, share and prescribe their design idea.