Paglia dairy farm

Lombardy, Italy
esterni caseificio Azzio
esterni caseificio Azzio
esterni finestra caseificio Azzio
esterni laterale caseificio Azzio
cantiere colorazione finitura argilla caseificio Azzio
cantiere fissaggio rete metallica caseificio Azzio
cantiere intonaco argilla caseificio Azzio
cantiere muro di paglia caseificio Azzio
cantiere pannelli in sughero caseificio Azzio
cantiere rilievi caseificio Azzio

In the green hills of the upper Varesotto, next to a herd of 200 goats that offer excellent milk every day, the Paglia Dairy Farm is located in Azzio (VA).

The eco-sustainable building was conceived with various Terracruda construction components. The exclusive selection of natural materials has led to the creation of a load-bearing structure in wood and curtain walls in straw. The latter material was chosen for its sustainability and insulating properties.

The external coating plaster was instead made with hydraulic lime, putty, sands and natural pigments, expertly mixed for perfect compatibility with the straw support.


Details of the intervention

A farm in the middle of the woods, a sustainable and open-air breeding system; the choice of natural raw materials of plant origin was obvious. A biological production activity that wanted to embrace a different way of conceiving architecture closer to nature and man.

The construction system has provided a load-bearing wooden frame with perimetric walls in straw and lime-finish plaster.

Terracruda construction Components were used to build the Dairy Farm.